At 1720 Design Studio, we are known for our ability to design homes that inspire beautiful living in the way that only a personal and inherently functional space can. The key to this effortless livability is in the connection that our team builds with each client, giving individual time and attention to our client’s vision, doing everything we can to make that vision into reality.

Specializing in Full-Service Interior Design for new construction, creative spaces, and renovation, gives our team the advantage of taking both the Design and Construction process very seriously. 

Each design experience is a skillful and collaborative process by which our design team guides clients to hone in on their own ideal aesthetic and lifestyle. The end result is a home that balances form and function, enhancing the lives lived there in meaningful and lasting ways.

We have been fortunate to have many repeat clients and specialize in Family accompanied homes that multiple generations can use as a gathering spot for treasured memories.

leila eppard
owner, lead designer

The Method Behind Our Madness

1720 Design Studio is made up of a team of trusted partners, fully capable and reliable tradesmen, and a highly organized design team who put in the strong efforts of making sure all things run as smoothly as possible in order to see all dreams come to reality. Communication is KEY. We do not take our responsibilities lightly. Our average client is seeking to hire a team that can do all things from start to finish, and that's exactly who we are. A team that’s in this for the long haul, ensuring long lasting relationships and a job well done.

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